KTM Freeride become competitive

Electro-KTM bike is getting closer and closer to its end. It is now known that the new Austrian will be presented to consumers in 2017. But perhaps the most interesting – is the price in the EU, according to preliminary rumors she is below 10 000 €. This would put the KTM Freeride on one level with the main competitors Swiss manufacturer of electric off-road motorcycles and American Quantya Zero Motorcycles, both of which are in the price range € 10,000.

KTM Freeride than price has competitive rates peak power 30l.s. a loaded weight of 90 kg. Lithium-ion battery will have a power consumption of 2.5 kWh, which should last about one hour of active driving. These figures must be put KTM on the top step in the segment of electric off-road motorcycles. If you think about how many MOTOBIKE SALON world, services that are Austrian (advertised !!!) brand, it is not difficult to guess that the Freeride simply doomed to success on electric SUV market.


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