Interviews with pilots Yakhnich Motorsport

November 21 motosalone "Panauto Yamaha» autograph session Russian team Yakhnich Motorsport, participating in WSBK . Pilots Vladimir Leonov, Sam Lowes, Dakota Mamola and director Natalia Lyubimov team met with fans to talk about plans for next season and share the details of their daily lives.

Yakhnich Motorsport has received support from the European Yamaha for 2017, what does it mean for the team?

Lyubimov: It means that we have passed as a private team to an even higher level of technical support of our motopark. Now we have set new tasks to prepare for the new season of WSBK, and are already beginning to implement them. Our team is young, but we are developing very rapidly, and this victory proves Volodya. Therefore, in the new season, we promise you more new victories. And, of course, we look forward to the support of fans.

Rumor has it that in 2017, Valentino Rossi goes into the SBK, and Yakhnich Motorsport plans to sign a contract with him? Is it true or just a rumor?

Lyubimov: Today, at the official press conference on the composition of the new team in the 2017 season, this question answered Alexander Yakhnich. Of course, Russia is by far the "brand" and everyone wants to get himself in his team. But while not serious to talk about what we do or plan to negotiate with Russia. Now we have set targets for 2017, and we voiced them at such events. Guessing what will happen in 2017 or in 2017, it is too early. All things are possible, only time will tell.

Pilots Vladimir Leonov, Sam Lowes, Dakota Mamola

Guys, how old were you when you first sat on a motorcycle?

Lowes: I was 5 years old.

Mamola: And I just 3 years.

Which track is the most difficult for you, and what is the favorite?

Leonov: I like our Russian track Moscow Raceway, we even called it the "left", because there is a lot of left turns, and I find it easier to deal with them.

Lowes: I very much like a favorite, as well as complex. After all, whenever you win on the track, it becomes a favorite for you, and when you lose – on the contrary, complex and unloved.

Mamola: Moscow track for me harder than any other European. In Europe, all the tracks are mainly speed, and Moscow more technical. And the most difficult for me, perhaps, is in Germany – the Nürburgring.

Who of the pilots WSBK you consider to be your strongest rivals?

Leonov: Lawes (laughs). In fact, the top five – that's closest competitors for me.

Laws: I do not know who my opponents, but I'm still struggling will try to win.

Mamola: Top ten – the most powerful.

Sam, before you joined Yakhnich Motorsport team, you're a long time drove a Honda. Do not be afraid to change my bike, and if you see any danger or on the contrary a positive side to such changes?

Lowes: I did four years of journey on Honda, and now when I sat on the Yamaha, I can say that this is a whole new level for me. The sensations and the ability to completely different, and I'm sure I'll get better results on this motorcycle.

Guys like Sam took the team? Was there some kind of dedication? Maybe it watered vodka or forced to dance with a bear?

(Everyone laughs)

Lowes: Nothing that was not. I am glad that all team members are warmly welcomed me and appreciated my first professional data, my talent. The rest does not matter.

Natalia, I manage men seriously?

Lyubimov: We have the great team and I'm sorry that I can not introduce you to all of them, because most of it – and Italians living in Italy. All team members are amazing nice people. We do not have conflicts, all support each other and, most importantly, always having fun. Take a look now at our guys, how they behave, and understand everything)). In general, no, they are not hard to manage)).

Vladimir Leonov, Sam Lowes

Do you drive in real life on a motorcycle?

Leonov: Ever since I became engaged in professional motorcycle racing, I stopped going. And before that constantly drove a Honda Goldwing.

Laws: I do not go, because I have signed a contract with the parents, which says that in real life I do not move around on the two-wheeled machinery.

Mamola: I have a scooter, but do not have time to ride it (smiles).

How do you feel about stantraydingu?

Leonov: I use some elements stantraydinga, and I like it a lot.

Lowes: I had one unsuccessful attempt, which ended in an accident. Since then, I do not try to do any stunts. But overall stantrayding I really like – it's cool.

What sports besides racing do you do?

Lyubimov: Guys every day engaged in physical training, and it's a big load.

Leonov: I have spare time I train at the closed track cycling – ride a bike.

Lowes: I used to be involved in a cross, but now there is no time.

Guys, if you have a favorite place in Moscow?

Lowes: Unfortunately, I'm only the second time in Moscow, so have not had time to study in detail the attractions of this city, but next time be sure to do it.

Mamola: I really like the Kremlin, though I have seen it only from the outside. I generally like Moscow, in general everything is fine, except for traffic jams. Here they are very many.

Lowes: I wonder how your drivers manage all of this to go around.

And you go down in the subway?

Mamola: None.

Lowes: None.

Leonov: They are afraid to go down into the subway (laughs).

Volodya, and you miss your hometown? How do you like in Moscow? (Vladimir was born in Donetsk)

Leonov: Moscow for me has become a hometown. I'm very comfortable here.

And now the most exciting female audience question. What about the personal life, do you have a girlfriend?

Leonov: Difficult to answer this question.

Laws: I do not have a girlfriend, so if there is a wish to go with me for dinner tonight, I'll be happy.

Mamola: I have no girlfriend, so I like Sam, I invite you to dinner tonight.

Finally, guys, share your experience. What kind of hat is still the best in your opinion

Leonov: Arai.

Lowes: (smiles).

Mamola: Definitely Arai!

Vladimir Leonov

Sam Lowes

Dakota Mamola

Team director Natalia Lyubimov

Pilots Vladimir Leonov, Sam Lowes, Dakota Mamola and Natalia Lyubimov

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