Intermot 2016: the new bike Yamaha SCR950 Street Scrambler 2017

Yamaha has introduced a new public bike Yamaha SCR950 Street Scrambler 2017, developed on the basis of Yamaha XV950 model.  Novelty is equipped with a V-shaped engine capacity of 52 hp and a torque of 80 Nm. The chassis, as well as the power unit, is also taken from the model Yamaha XV950, but made higher to ride on the curbs and uneven, easy road. Seat height is too high by 140 mm (830 mm), that is, the bike will be comfortable for taller people.

Specifications Yamaha SCR950 Street Scrambler 2017:  – Wheel: Spoke 19/17  – Tires: Bridgestone (for unpaved roads suitable, but off-road will have to buy another)  – Suspension: 41 mm fork with 134 mm stroke, rear shocks with a course of 110 mm (adjustable preload)  – Fuel tank: redesigned, 13.2 liters  – A number plate: empty, that is, the owner can stick their numbers  – Steering wheel: a  – Tidy: a simple, LCD  The rest of the Yamaha SCR950 Street Scrambler 2017 corresponds to the basic model Yamaha XV950.

Yamaha SCR950 Street Scrambler 2017

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