Indian Chief motorcycle 2017

The air-cooled engine and 2 cylinders produces the soft and pleasant sound, which is capable of generally V-shaped two-cylinder engine. A large torque. Easily gaining momentum. From the very first revs you will feel the new pulse of American roads.

This bike brings to the present the most significant moments of the legendary past. You are looking at the saddle bag genuine leather color Desert Tan, lot of chrome parts and the engine Thunder Stroke 111 air-cooled and if you see the image, descended from old photos. But go to the bike to examine it closely – it is equipped with a system start the engine without a key, quick release windscreen, anti-lock braking system ABS, cruise control. This bike has new everything. 2017 Chief Vintage is a very stylish modern tourist done in retro style.

It has everything to quench your thirst of an irresistible drive. However, nothing superfluous. Many chrome parts. Spoked rims and tires with white stripes. Chrome the Indian head symbol of the brand on the front wing and “chandelier” of the three lights finish the front of the motorcycle. V-shaped two-cylinder engine Thunder StrokeĀ® 111 air cooling transfers all its 139 Nm of torque at the rear wheel. The standard package includes cruise control and anti-lock brake system ABS if you need a spectacular instant stop. And it is you need – rest assured, because there is always someone who wants get a better look at the beautiful curves of the Indian Chief Classic motorcycle in 2017.

Indian Chief motorcycle 2017

Specifications:ENGINE TYPE Thunder Stroke 111
The WORKING volume of the ENGINE, 1811 cm3.
POWER: 100 HP (75 kW)
TORQUE of 139 Nm
Bore X STROKE 101 x 113 mm
FUEL INJECTION Throttle 54 mm, lambda sensor

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