Helmets Modular GSB: safety and comfort in one package!

Young company GSB the Moto – exclusive representation of foreign holding GSB GROUP in Russia – actively promotes Italian helmets GSB motor-equipment in the domestic market, expanding its dealer network literally every week. What is interesting is in the range of these guys, positioning itself with a very ambitious slogan «Italian rules of perfection» ( «Italian rules perfection")? So, GSB Moto brought to Russia bright integrals with unusual prints by Italian designer Mario Starezzi, superlight motocross models of carbon-Kevlar composite, as well as convenient and cost-effective open helmets.

For more information I would like to tell you about the range of GSB helmet modulars G-339, designed for a comfortable ride on a motorcycle of any class in the conditions of the city, the road and terrain. According to the staff GSB Moto, this model is the ideal solution for those who value their safety on the road, but it does not want to neglect the comfort and ergonomics. Made of high-strength thermoplastic resin HIR-TH body modulars G-339 has two full-size

The helmet GSB

shells, and therefore is considered to be enhanced (helmet weight is 2017 grams). When traveling long distances in comfort in this category of the helmet has no equal: the system of opening the front of the helmet gives the pilot the opportunity to smoke, drink, and socialize without having to remove the helmet. It is important to stress that the key for the displacement of the jaw unit in helmets GSB G-339 is located in the chin area and constructed in such a way as to eliminate the risk of accidental operation. As for the visor, then everything is the most thought out: high quality polycarbonate provides protection against mechanical damage and fogging during operation. In addition, the glass fastening mechanism allows the visor to replace their own without the use of tools. Various colors of helmets line G-339 is perfectly suited to both fans of the original design decisions, as well as supporters of the classic black and white tones.

Helmets, modular G-339, like all other GSB models conform to the European safety standard ECER 22-05.

Finally, the price of the new Italian modular can be called more than acceptable: agree, 12,990 rubles. (In retail, in all regions of Russia) – a little money for the European level of quality and reliability!

The helmet GSB

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