Engine Hossaka Norman (Norman Hossack)

Inventor Hossak Norman (Norman Hossack) propose to solve the problem of two-stroke engine due to its intonation of the new internal combustion engine.

We all know the disadvantages dvuhtaknikov – is first and foremost they are not environmentally friendly, it is for this reason that in many European countries, this type of motorcycles with engine came under ban. However, their main advantage in comparison with the same four-stroke engines is that with the same amount of power in the past lose.
Norman Engine two-stroke engines without flaws, and has a number of interesting features.

Engine Hossaka Norman (Norman Hossack)

In our usual two-stroke engine piston has a circular cross-section, and this is perhaps the main difference, the engine piston Norman rectangular and is integral with the connecting rod. Due to the specific geometry and the rigid structure of the piston rod with the piston as it shifted from one side to the other, thereby allowing the outlet to open the window a little earlier than the inlet, the result was the increase of efficiency and decrease fuel consumption.

Engine Hossaka Norman (Norman Hossack)

Intuitively understand the principle of operation of the engine. Norman Hossaka you watching the video below.

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