Engine Ducati Panigale 3D-model

Every time we look at the Ducati 2017 Panigale in the skin shivers run, one has only to think about what is the most powerful V-twin engine in Ducati history (with the exception of racing engines) -obemom 2017sm3 capacity of 195l.s. and 133Nm of torque !!! 112mm diameter cylinders. And 60.8mm stroke of the piston., Still think it is worth mentioning about the service intervals have become longer, 15,000 miles or 24,100 km. How about the world's first electronically controlled suspension, the first in the world in the production of motorcycles in the Ducati equipped Panigale LED headlights … The hybrid system timing, wet grip, titanium valves and electronic throttle control, but if this is not enough, if you want more, then we suggest you watch the video below in which Ducati further lifts the veil on the engine.

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