Elektrotsikl Fenris 2018-2019


The new Danish company Fenris 2018-2019 unveiled a prototype motorcycle, which can accelerate to 300 km / h and accelerates to 100 km / h in less than three 3 seconds.

Fenris 2018-2019 company based in Copenhagen.
Very ambitious.
Jesper Vind, CEO and co-founder, has made a loud statement, considering only rival Italian firm Energica.

“Two major US producer started when the technology was in its infancy, so we have only one real competitor Energica┬╗, – says Jesper.

The Danes have developed the engine weight 11 kg, which is four times lighter than analogues competitors.
For this reason, the entire bike weighs 180 kg at a power of approximately 150 kW.

By 2019, it plans to start mass production of up to 500 motorcycles a year.

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