elektroskuter ZEV LRC-X Super 2018-2019

The Chinese manufacturer ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle) introduced a new scooter ZEV LRC-X Super.

LRC-X – evolution scooter LRC, produced for several years.
In terms of design the new product is not much different from the standard model.
At the request of customers the company has developed a comfortable urban scooter that has more speed, power and acceleration of a stock.


– Cruising range of 290 km at a speed of 88 km / h

– Cruising range of 160 km at a speed of 110 km / h

– Maximum speed of 140 km / h (due to limitations in the size of the wheels / tires the top speed is electronically limited, it is possible to unlock)

– Seat height 710 mm

– Torque of 400 Nm

– Mass of 225 kg

– Price: approx 16,000 $ (+ tax and delivery)

ZEV offers racing fans a special kit that can improve performance.
Portuguese dealer who will get the first scooter ZEV LRC-X Super, is going to use it in the “mountain climbing” races in Spain and Portugal.