elektrobayka 2018-2019 Greyp G12H


Elektrobayka Greyp G12H

2018-2019 Greyp G12H – the third generation of an electric bike “company Rimac of Automobili “, more commonly known development elektrosuperkara Concept_One $ 1 million.

Croats made the right choice when they started to develop a luxury electric car as an exotic Concept_One allowed them to gain worldwide fame.
In 2013, the company was engaged in the creation of elektrotsiklov.
Last year, model released 2018-2019 Greyp G12S (70 km / h and a cruising range of 120 km).
A year has passed, and Croats introduced a new elektrobayk 2018-2019 Greyp G12H with a new battery pack (3 kWh) and a power reserve of 240 km – an excellent indicator for urban transport.

Maximum 2018-2019 Greyp G12H speed reduced to 45 km / h.
The price is not a word, but the model G12S cost nearly $ 10 000, that is, the price tag will be around the same level.

Elektrobayka Greyp G12H
Elektrobayka Greyp G12H

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