EICMA 2016: updated Naked Ducati Monster 1200 / Monster 1200 S2017

On show EICMA 2016 Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali said that the line of Ducati Monster 1200 2017 received a modification so that it comes to new, and not on the updated bike.
Claudio is a bit cunning.


The main change relates to the upgraded engine Testastretta 11 ° DS V-twin, which is installed on the Ducati Monster 1200 Ducati Monster 2017 and 1200 S 2017. The power unit produces 150 hp
power and 124 Nm of torque, that is, the power increase of the basic model will be 15 hp on the S-versions – 5 hp
The Italians will also continue to produce Ducati Monster 1200 R 160 hp
All models meet the 2017 standard Euro-4.

Italian engineers have made further changes to the chassis Monster 1200 2017. First, we note a shorter pendulum console (approximately -25 mm).
Second, new steps, which are now separated from the passenger footrests.
Electronics Monster 1200 2017 upgraded system IMU (inertial measurement unit), which controls all systems, including anti-lock braking system of the corner and wheelie control.

The design, as you can see in the photo, also little changed.

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