EICMA 2016: touring bike BMW K1600GTL 2017

BMW has unveiled tourer BMW K1600GTL 2017 at the EICMA 2016 exhibition in Milan.
Bavarians, primarily upgraded 6-cylinder engine, which now corresponds to the Euro-4 standard, while the performance is not changed: 160 hp
power, 175 Nm of torque.

The body kit also undergone modifications to improve the windshield.
Ergonomics is also changed to make the landing even more comfortable and relaxed (back wheel is offset slightly lower mounting pegs).
The standard dynamic suspension set ESA, anti-lock system and adjustable traction control.
As additional equipment is available reverse system (convenient for parking) and GSAP (Gear Shift Assist Pro).

Redesigned rear-view mirrors provide a wider viewing angle, while the spherical insert allows better control of the situation around.
The standard also sets the feet protection and glove compartments (left and right of the engine)

Accessories BMW K1600GTL 2017: System IEC (intelligent emergency call), adaptive headlights, keyless ignition and central locking, forged wheels, passenger footrest, racing exhaust pipes, arc.

Adaptive suspension can work in road and dynamic modes.
The road damping adjustment is made completely automatically, to ensure maximum comfort.
In dynamic mode, the slope is made towards the handling and stability at high speeds.

BMW K1600GTL 2017 Travel motorcycle will be sold in white, gray and black colors.

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