Ducati 2017 Panigale 1199 in a bikini


Ducati 1199 Panigale in 2017 voted the most beautiful motorcycle ECMA and for that we must pay tribute to the designers of the project. However, besides the veneer, deserves special attention and the technical side, but rather the engine around which it all began. The new engine put in the old chassis engineers seemed a sacrilege, as a result, it was decided motorcycle suspension to connect directly with the engine, so for example the yoke is now mounted to the rear cylinder, the pendulum to the crankcase, the steering column is fixed through a specially designed box, which also serves as a air ducts. Due to this design, the engineers have got rid of the Ducati-traditional WCSS-cell frame, making it at the same time the easiest of all modern sportbikes.
While the network is not much detailed photo Ducati Panigale 2017 and it is for this reason Panigale pictures without plastic deserve special attention and our discussions with you.


Ducati 2017 Panigale



Ducati 2017 Panigale



Ducati 2017 Panigale

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