Dakar 2017 / Stage 7

Out of the seventh stage of the Dakar 2017, passed half way, during which participants crossed the border of Chile-Argentina. Riders took the track at the height of the location of income up to 4000 meters, and for many riders this stage was the most difficult and not predictable. Heading to the start of the seventh-speed section, ran to the police car Chile, 25-year-old French rider Thomas Bourget, from his injuries the driver died at the scene.

Thomas Bourget (Thomas Bourgin)

The best result was seventh day showed American Kurt Caselli acting on a motorcycle the KTM , the second was the Chilean Francisco Lopez Contardo, third – Olivier Peng, who continues to lead the overall standings. The current winner Cyril Despres seventh stage I spent so poorly due to technical problems encountered with the motorcycle rider came to the finish line on 34th place after losing a lot of time and to the same problems with the bikes he will now have to decide.

The overall leader remains Olivier Peng, the second position to the fourth place moved Francisco Lopez Contardo and third place still holds David Casto. The leader of the seventh stage of Dakar 2017 Kurt Caselli moved to the 12 – th to 8 th place.

The results of the 7th stage of the Dakar 2017
1. Kurt Caselli (USA) KTM – 01: 51.31 h
2. Francisco Lopez (Chile) KTM +1.23 min
3. Olivier Peng (France) Yamaha +1.23 min
4. Frans Verhoeven (Netherlands) Yamaha +1.30 min
5. Ruben Faria (Portugal) KTM +2.30 min
6. Juan Pedrero Garcia (Spain) KTM +2.42 min
7. Jakub Pshigonski (Poland) KTM +2.51 min
8. David Casto (France) Yamaha +3.12 min
9. Stefan Svitko (Slovakia) KTM +4.06 min
10. Alessandro Botturi (Italy) Husqvarna +4.39 min
Overall standings Dakar 2017
1. Olivier Peng (France) Yamaha – 17:28:17 am
2. Francisco Lopez (Chile) KTM +6.06 min
3. David Casto (France) Yamaha +6.37 min
4. Ruben Faria (Portugal) KTM +9.42 min
5. Cyril Despres (France) KTM +14.07 min
6. Jakub Pshigonski (Poland) KTM +20.43 minutes (5 minutes of the penalty)
7. Stefan Svitko (Slovakia) KTM +24.51 min
8. Kurt Caselli (Brazil) KTM +27.46 min
9. Botturi Alessandro (Italy) Husqvarna +30.18 m (15 penalty minutes)

the seventh stage of Dakar 2017

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