Dakar 2017 / Stage 14th / Despres wins fifth Dakar

Completed final fourteenth stage of the Dakar Rally in 2017 with a total length of 640 kilometers, of which 128 km was spets.uchastok. Participants race started early in the morning from La Serena and greeted the riders, favorites and the winners were honored in Santiago, capital of Chile. At the end of the 14th day of the first in the capital met Ruben Faria who showed the best time for driving spets.uchastok 1:43:06. With a delay of eight seconds of the finish line crossed Joan Barreda Bort to "Husqvarna", the third position was taken by Helder Rodrigues on a motorcycle Honda. Cyril Despres has come to finish fourteenth.

At the end of the 14 stages of Paris-Dakar rally in 2017 the first place and became the champions of Dakar seryl Despres KTM plays for the team – it's his fifth victory in the Dakar Rally and the 12th victory in a row KTM team. The second was the result of the overall standings Portuguese Ruben Faria KTM and the third Chilean Francisco Lopez acting on a motorcycle KTM .

Results Dakar 2017/14 Stage.
1. Ruben Faria (KTM) – 1:43:06
2. Joan Barreda Bort ( "Husqvarna") .08
3. Helder Rodrigues ( "Honda") .24
4. Mario Patran ( "Suzuki") 1.21
5. Olivier Pen ( "Yamaha") 2.14
6. Paulo Gonçalves ( "Husqvarna") 2.32
7. Heremyas Israel Ezquerro ( "Honda") 2.37
8. Frans Verhoeven ( "Yamaha") 2.39
9. Ivan Jakes (KTM) 3.07
10. Gerard Farres Guell ( "Honda") 3.11

14. Cyril Despres (KTM) 3.58

Overall standings
1. Cyril Despres (France, "KTM") – 43: 24.22
2. Ruben Faria (Portugal, "KTM") +10.43
3. Francisco Lopez (Chile, "KTM") +18.48
4. Ivan Jakes (Slovakia, "KTM") +23.54
5. Juan Pedrero (Spain, "KTM") +55.29

Dakar 2017 / Stage 14 minutes, Ruben Faria (KTM)

Dakar 2017 / Stage 14 minutes, Olivier Pen ( "Yamaha")

Dakar 2017 / Stage 14 minutes, Joan Barreda Bort, Paulo Gonçalves, Matt Fish "Husqvarna"

Dakar 2017 / Stage 14th

Dakar 2017 / Stage 14th

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