Dakar 2017 | Results of the 3rd stage. Motorcycles

Dakar 2017 goes on, the next stage of the rally (3rd of 13) between the Argentine cities of San Rafael and San Juan. The route ran third stage in the Andean foothills, and consisted of a hard rocky ground, which brought a lot of trouble the participants of the rally. Another difficulty, because of which the organizer had to shorten the special stage of 130 kilometers, has become a strong driving rain that turned some sections of the route in the river.

Honda team in the passage of the third stage of the Rally Dakar 2017 again ended the first special stage, and if the second stage of the first was Sam Sunderland, but today luck was on the side of the first day of favorite Juan Barreda. Juan was shortened portion, it can be said perfectly, not allowing nor any errors that allowed to keep a small, but still the gap between current champion seryl Despres (Yamaha) 4 min. 41 on the second. Marc Coma finished third (KTM). For Sam Sunderland third stage was a nightmare because of the failure of the navigation equipment and system shutdown Iritrack slipped to 64th position, losing all the advantages previously earned. Silver winner of Dakar 2017 , Ruben Faria (KTM) completed the performance in the Dakar in 2017 after a bad fall, yet another dramatic moment was the gathering of riders Franz Verhoeven (Yamaha), broke his arm.

Dakar Rally 2017 / Results of the 3rd stage. Motorcycles
1. Joan Barreda Bort (Spain, "Honda") – 3: 47.03
2. Cyril Despres (France, "Yamaha") +4.41
3. Marc Coma (Spain, "KTM") +6.56
4. Alain Duclos (France, "Sheckley") +10.51
5. David Casto (France, "KTM") +11.17

Overall standings

1. Joan Barreda Bort (Spain, "Honda") – 9: 56.44
2. Cyril Despres (France, "Yamaha") +13.04
3. Marc Coma (Spain, "KTM") +15.56
4. Alain Duclos (France, "Sheckley") +16.38
5. Contrada Francisco Lopez (Chile, "KTM") +18.39

Stage 3 rd – 006 PAIN OLIVIER (FRA) – YAMAHA

Stage 3 rd – 018 SUNDERLAND SAM (GBR) – HONDA

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