Dakar 2017 / day 4th / Ctrasti run high

In Dubai, I had to leave the race another rider Sam Sunderland. Sam was forced to finish the Dakar in 2017 because of problems with the electronics on his Honda.
But between the two leaders Marc Coma and Cyril Despres passions run high and the fourth stage was for Mark. Here is the comment of the current stage, Mark: "I tried from the very beginning to go to the highest possible rate, but it was very difficult. I was able to overtake a few pilots and gain some advantage over Despres. There is still a lot of steps in particular Fiambala and I will continue to fight every day. "
At present, the list of leaders is as follows:
Dakar 2017. 4th stage. Motorcycles.
1. Marc Coma (Spain, "KTM") – 4: 16.43
2. Cyril Despres (France, "KTM") +2.02
3. Franz Verhoeven (Netherlands, "Sherko") +8.26
4. Helder Rodrigues (Portugal, "Yamaha") +9.01
5. Paulo Goncalves (Portugal, "Huksvarna") +11.18
Overall standings
1. Cyril Despres (France, "KTM") – 11: 50.27
2. Marc Coma (Spain, "KTM") +8.10
3. Helder Rodrigues (Portugal, "Yamaha") +26.48
4. Francisco Lopez (Chile, "Aprilia") +29.50
5. David Casto (France, "Yamaha") +30.37

Dakar 2017 Pizzolito

Dakar 2017 Cyril Despres

Dakar 2017 Marc Coma

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