Dakar 2017 / 9th Stage

After one day of rest, which the racers spent on inspection and training of its motorcycles to further the race, started the ninth stage of the Dakar Rally 2017 – this is the longest section of the race along the route of San Miguel – Cordoba totaling 852 km, of which 249 kilometers and 593 kilometers special stage.
The best result of the day showed the defending champion Cyril Despres on a KTM, going all the stage in 5: 41.36 hours. Yielding Despres four minutes, he finished the race the Spaniard Barreda Bort (Husqvarna), and the Italian driver Alessandro Botturi acting on Husqvarna closes the top three. Former race leader in the overall standings, Olivier and David Peng Kasteev acting on a motorcycle Yamaha failed the ninth stage of the Dakar 2017, came to the finish line 28-m and 113-m.

The overall leading position after the 9th stage takes the Portuguese Ruben Faria on the KTM, Cyril Despres showed exemplary race, located on the second place of the overall standings, and Francisco Lopez Contardo rounded out the top three leaders. Former rally favorite Frenchman Olivier Peng after unsuccessful performance down to the sixth position.

The results of the ninth stage of the Dakar 2017
1. Cyril Despres (France) KTM – 05: 41.36 h
2. Joan Barreda Bort (Spain) Husqvarna +4: 03 min
3. Alessandro Botturi (Italy) Husqvarna +5.14 min
4. Ruben Faria (Portugal) KTM +7.47 min
5. Helder Rodrigues (Portugal) Honda +8.47 min
6. Ivan Jakes (Slovakia) KTM +9.37 min
7. Paulo Gonçalves (Portugal) Husqvarna +11.14 min
8. Juan Pedrero Garcia (Spain) KTM +12.14 min
9. Gerard Farres Guell (Spain) Honda +14.12 min
10. Francisco Lopez Contardo (Chile) KTM +16.06 min

Overall standings
1. Ruben Faria (Portugal) KTM – 25: 57.12 h
2. Cyril Despres (France) KTM +5.23 m (15 penalty minutes)
3. Francisco Lopez Contardo (Chile) KTM +9.03 min
4. Ivan Jakes (Slovakia) KTM +16.56 min
5. Botturi Alessandro (Italy) Husqvarna +22.58 m (15 penalty minutes)
6. Olivier Peng (France) Yamaha +28.46 min
7. Helder Rodrigues (Portugal) Honda +31.23 m (15 penalty minutes)
8. Stefan Svitko (Slovakia) KTM +32.50 min
9. Jakub Pzhigonski (Poland) KTM +33: 13 minutes (5 minutes of the penalty)
10. Jeremias Israel Ezkerre (Chile) Honda +38.30 (12 penalty minutes)

Dakar 2017 / 9th Stage

Dakar 2017 / 9th Stage

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