Dakar 2017 / 2nd Stage

The second stage of Dakar 2017 came to an end, and many of the pilots, team members and fans were disappointed by the second day of the rally. The biggest problems have arisen at the date of the pilots with navigation when the 75-th kilometer on their way there is a huge dune, due to the wrong direction of said pilots were losing precious minutes. While some of the riders tried to conquer this ill-fated dune, so look for a reference point, the more fortunate it traveled only increased the gap. So Juan Barreda (Joan Barreda) on Husqvarna became the leader of the Dakar 2017 and the results of both phases. Juan Pedrero (Joan Pedrero) to KTM for the second day behind the leader for three minutes, and closes the top three, Matthew Fish Husqvarna. Francisco Lopez and Cyril Despres are among pilots faced with navigation problems, battered nerves, lost its position and is now in the overall standings are not included even in the top ten.

The results of the second stage of the Dakar (Dakar) -2017
1. Joan Barreda, Spain (Husqvarna) 2:42:31
2. Joan Pedrero, Spain (KTM) 2:45:47
3. Mathew Fish, Australia (Husqvarna) 2:48:24
4. Ruben Faria, Portugal (KTM) 2:48:57
5. Kurt Caselli, USA (KTM) 2:49:41
6. Darryl Curtis, South Africa (KTM) 2:50:20
7. David Casteu, France (Yamaha) 2:50:39
8. Jordi Villadoms, Spain (Husqvarna) 2:50:46
9. Israel Esquerre, Chili (Honda) 2:50:50
10. Pal-Anders Ullevalseter, Norvergiya (KTM) 2:52:13

Juan Barreda (Joan Barreda) on Husqvarna

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