Custom with ebay

Today's custom was found in the pages of the famous all over the internet auction ebay. Unfortunately, the creator of this bike we know very little, but its creation it a little, but told. According to the master, he wanted to create a custom blending of classical antiquity with modern innovations, and thus adhered to a certain minimalism. All custom built around the engine Buell XB, mounted on rubber pads with new injection through the carburetor Mikuni and new exhaust system, which is now located on the left side of the bike, and also set Ultima ignition.

custom with ebay

As for the design, then there is almost everything created anew: new streamlined fuel tank was made of aluminum and holds a little less than three liters, the tank is hidden under an oil cooler, which is directed air flow entering through the air inlets to complement the design of the fuel tank.

Particular attention should be paid to the front fork, set up in vintage style, but absolutely fresh idea and original design that complements the round headlights and wheel Biltwell Slubman boardtracker in style.

custom with ebay

Many regular readers of our blog, and for people who are fond of custom bikes , this bike is a dual feeling that the bike already seen somewhere, or something similar. Yes, this custom is visually very similar to custom bikes from the B 91 Wraith workshop the Confederate , but without a doubt I can say that if you want you can find a lot of differences and original ideas materialized in this bike.

custom with ebay

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