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Triton (the Triton) – a name that makes the heart of the café racer beat faster. This bike is a supreme expression of the engineering of the genre, he has appeared due to the fact that the best engine 60 and the frame were born on different bikes, Norton frame and the 650 cc engine Triumph T120. Further details motorcycle enthusiasts crossed one, marking the emergence of a new series of Triton motorcycles. This was followed by such hybrids as NORLA (Norley) , Tribsa (Tribsa) , Norbsa, Trdian (Trdian), etc., the last of which, I confess, I see for the first time.

500 m cc engine Triumph

This is probably the first custom hybrid, created based on the American and British Indian motorcycles / Triumph bike was assembled in Kumamoto shop, located on the southern island of Japan, Kyushu. Guys have installed 500-ton cc engine Triumph thin frame in Indiana, visually catching delicate balance between Indy and triumph.

A new motorcycle seat

Hands kasromayzerov been made a new fuel tank, seat and tail Single coil performing part-oil tank, a new steering wheel, control knobs and running boards, near one of which is positioned unconventional oil filter, they produced nearly all the motorcycle parts that are so harmoniously. Triumph engine is equipped with new carburetors Keihin CR, remained ahead of the original Indiana telescopic fork and wheels shod in brand new tires Dunlop ArrowMax.

oil tank

Rspolozhenie oil filter

New exhaust and the rear wheel mount for rooms

Custom Triumph / Indian

Custom Triumph / Indian

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