Custom-shop Ritmo sereno and cafe racer BMW R100 RS

Today decided to introduce you with another Japanese studio called Ritmo sereno. This cafe racer was chosen, in my opinion, it reflects their "handwriting" and scrupulousness with which made ​​design elements, as well as them, probably living in the blood cravings for high-tech details, but the most basic factor, which I pushed to write about the custom-shop, it is that their entries in the project section entirely BMW and Guzzi , guys just obsessed with European technology.

Engine BMW R100 RS

The basis for this charged café racer motorcycle was taken BMW R100 RS, to his studio were produced new elements of the body. Sink fork and shock absorbers were replaced by Öhlins, established klipony Tomazelli, front and rear caliper Brembo, the drain frame and wheels painted with powder paint.

Brembo braking system, Öhlins fork

Engine BMW R100 RS has undergone major overhaul with replacement of pistons, FCR carburetors installed with filters K & N, a new titanium exhaust system 2 in 1, and an oil cooler. From electricians installed a new generator, spark plug wires, analog tachometer and digital speedometer.

Brembo braking system, Öhlins shock absorber

And this is not a complete list of the modifications undergone by the Bavarian motorcycle, but everyone can finish in the comments do not detail above.

The analog tachometer and digital speedometer

Newbie oil cooler

Paddon BMW R100 RS

Engine BMW R100 RS

Cafe racer BMW R100 RS

Cafe racer BMW R100 RS

Cafe racer BMW R100 RS

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