Custom Royal Enfield 500 "Bullet"

Meet Max Hazan customizer that the phrase "to build a bike with your hands" is understood in the most literal sense. In his workshop titled Hazan Motorworks, which is located in Brooklyn, NY, he collected this stunning custom, which simply attracts with its uniqueness. Custom bike was named «Bullet» (bullet) and the entire motorcycle design corresponds to its name. When you create a bike Max taking as a basis the engine of the motorcycle Royal Enfield 500 placed it in a new frame, designed in the workshop. It was the first bike in its practice, created from scratch, with only the engine. On the creation of a motorcycle from the ground up it took him two kneading, for which he produced all the details kastomov «Bullet».

Handle kastomov closeup

Start listing all the modifications, I think it would be foolish because even dedicated people can understand at a glance that this motorcycle all made from scratch. The scale of the whole of the work done by Max Hazan is clearly seen in the photos, so I think you can appreciate it and do not be afraid of the word, creation.

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