Custom Peugeot 103 – Cherry Coke

The name 'Children of Decadence' many people can cause the association with a certain reality show in which, for example, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie sniffing cocaine and bathe in champagne. But in reality it is a small shop, located in Paris, in which the transformation of Peugeot mopeds. Previous custom Patouillarda Demoriane Thomas (Thomas Patouillard Demoriane) was in the style of a café racer is completely black. Now, inspired by the style choppers he presented his latest custom Peugeot 103 called 'Cherry Coke' or 'Cherry Coke. "

As told by Thomas, after his last work, done in the style of a café racer, have expressed interest in the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), it lights up to create CHOPPER with a pronounced American style.

Peugeot 103

This moped was given to him by his neighbor when he noticed that Thomas engaged in his garage alteration mopeds, and he told me that he was lying in the garden of an old Peugeot 103. After he dragged him into his garage and is completely disassembled, was compiled a list of missing items for future work. Then he got rid of the trunk, the wings, the old shock absorbers, exhaust, side cladding and pedals.

Peugeot 103

The first basic features Chopper were given by means of shortening the rear shock absorbers and an increase in the fork height, as well as by reducing the motorbike frame.
Once everything was tailored, otshpaklёvanno cleansed and Thomas began to paint. Inspired by 'monsters' Hot Rods, he chose a classic color for this genre; black, red and white. To increase the power has been completely redesigned exhaust system, as used in the carburettor SHA ball replaced the main nozzles on the larger. All wires were hidden in the glove compartment under the seat and covered with aluminum trim, which runs along the entire frame on it as there are two toggle switches on the light on the backbone.

Peugeot 103

Thomas still got picked mini CHOPPER purely American style, even though, in its French roots. But you can not help but wonder whether the ride is comfortable through the streets of Paris on such a small seat?

Peugeot 103

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