Custom BMW R75 / June 2017 by Maria Riding Company

This is a bold move, when you have seen the retro bike with this bright red frame. This bold custom BMW R75 / 6 was built by the Portuguese in the studio Maria Riding Company. Motorcycle for custom bikes they provide the customer with a rebuilt engine and modified several parts, but there was no general concept of custom bikes.

Custom BMW R75 / 6

Therefore, it was decided to start from scratch. Since it was the first BMW R75 / 6 2017, we faced customizers, they are a little skeptical about the potential of the bike because of its technical limitations. The workshop decided to build a bike that would be smaller, lighter and lower factory with wheels, dominant in motorcycle design.

New alloy wheels, shod with Firestone AMS tire to replace the original narrow wheels were installed, and a new subframe made of larger diameter pipe that looks more harmoniously in turn. The front fork has been restored, the rear shock absorbers installed new shortened Bitubo. The fuel tank was the drain, only slightly modified to fit, but from the box "vozduhana" had to be abandoned by placing the engine behind the battery.

Maria Riding Company

The final touch was the brave game beauties, combining several colors, most of which in the composition turned bright red, that just attracts all the attention.

Custom BMW R75 / June 2017

Custom BMW R75 / 6

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