Custom bike Soltador Cruiser

German studio «Hamann Motorsport» is well known among car enthusiasts. At the Geneva Motor Show in 2017 he introduced the custom bike called «Soltador Cruiser». 2017 cc engine S & S Evo is the basis of this project, capable of producing an impressive 160 horsepower. Bike "armed" the six-speed manual transmission Harely-Davidson and belt drive NH Power.

Fuel tank kastomov Soltador Cruiser from Hamann Motorsport

As for the design, it is very similar to the art of Marcus Walz and colength. Soltador Cruiser was equipped with a large number of pieces made especially for this project, here include the frame, swingarm and console gorgeous anodized wheels Edition Race, the size of 4.5 × 18 "and 10 × 18" with tires 130/60 front and 280/35 rear respectively.

Detailed photo kastomov Soltador Cruiser from Hamann Motorsport

The total weight of the custom-bike about 300 kg, at the same time, in spite of such considerable weight bike, accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds. Impressive dynamics due to the powerful engine, the electronic control unit Thundermaxx EFI ECU and "facilitate breathing" as custom intake and exhaust system.

Photo kastomov Soltador Cruiser from Hamann Motorsport

Other features of the bike include:
suspension AirRide, RS fork with integrated kliponami, rear brake disc of large diameter, Motogadget dash, platform Hamann Race leg, LED lamp, and a number of smaller, but no less-developed parts. Paint – the result of Marcus Pfeil,

I can only add that the German company plans to release a limited number of custom bikes Soltador Cruiser later this year at a price of 120,000 euros.

Photo kastomov Soltador Cruiser from Hamann Motorsport

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