Custom bike Impoz Speed ​​Racer based on the Triumph Speed ​​Triple

Triumph Speed ​​Triple has a stunning design and confirms its huge success in the motorcycle market. The power of three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2017cc DOHC, unique style with two "goggle-eyed" twin headlights, draws attention customizer worldwide. Here and this time could not remain indifferent 27 year-old designer from France, more precisely from Cannes, Benjamin Blanchard.
Blanchard worked meticulously for the twelve months of the motorcycle, manufacturing parts for the custom bike in a small home workshop «Impoz Speed ​​Racer». "Trim" bike was just the beginning of this project: all the body parts are made of carbon fiber with incredible detail. The wings, for example, were made from molds taken from tires, to ensure a perfect fit. Blanchard's direction was minimizing the concept to maximize the feeling of the bike. By spending a little time at the Cannes Blansher she created a custom in which every person is not rovnodushny motorcycles inadvertently stop your eyes.
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triumph speed triple




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