Custom bike Honda FX650 or a new perspective on a motorcycle design by Sebastian Guerra

Sebastian Guerra (Sebastiao Guerra), an engineer from Lisbon, Portugal, decided to bring in a motorcycle Honda FX650 design their own contribution. According to the original design of FX Sebastian never been sufficient elegance, for this reason, he tried to unlock the potential of the Japanese motorcycle, moving appearance of the bike to the next level. In this regard, a good budget in Sebastian was enough money for experiments, during which was performed a number of new components, such as for example lighting, steering wheel, exhaust system, seat made ​​in the style of Ducati Monster , etc. At the end of the assembly at the outlet turned stern, austere and stylish motorcycle, not the most beautiful, but with his twist.

The new steering wheel and light motorcycle Honda FX650

It is worth adding that at the moment Sebastian Guerra is working on a new project, which became the basis for the Honda Daminator.

The new exhaust system of motorcycle Honda FX650

The new design of the motorcycle Honda FX650 Sebastian Guerra

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