Concept Cyclotron

Designers using the basic conceptual ideas (the pair of wheels, chassis, engine) create interesting advanced vehicles, capable of effective implementation of the tasks in high-security environments.
The problem is that 99 percent remains “on paper”.

The idea of ​​an autonomous motorcycle seems complete madness, but that did not stop a mechanical engineer Charles Bombardier (Charles Bombardier), who teamed up with designer Ashish Tulkarem from the Indian Science University.

“It’s time to dream, to design and develop new kinds of vehicles,” – Charles wrote in his article.
“We need something that minimizes the human factor.
Transport should work all year round in any weather on electricity rather than gasoline.
Such a concept Cyclotron, which is inspired by the design of Tron Light Cycle and self-balancing Lit Motors has a C1 ».

Concept Cyclotron is public transport.
He is an enlarged motorcycle with a cabin, where passengers sit face to face.
stability problem is solved by a gyroscopic system, and power – electric motors in the wheel hubs.
The designer also assumes the wireless recharging of batteries.

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