Concept BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

The BMW Group continues to expand its horizons by introducing a new concept motorcycle BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, which has a futuristic and progressive design.
Concept elektrotsikla officially shown at the exhibition «Iconic Impulses.
The BMW Group Future Experience »in Los Angeles.


BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 – complete transition into the digital age.
The concept design is traced corporate style BMW, including forms boxer engine, although in an electric motor.
Black triangular frame is a tribute to history, in particular the model BMW R32 (first BMW, released in 1923).
In concept form is a little different, as the designers have decided to join the front and rear wheels, that is, the frame is a full bridge.

Other features:

– Ergonomics Roadster

– Automatic balance by sophisticated electronics

– Complete the relationship between the pilot, the car and the surrounding world

– The throttle is the only mechanical control authority

– Smart kombez

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