company Erik 2018 Buell Racing has launched production in East Troy


The company Erik Buell Racing has launched production in East Troy

March 1 the company «Erik 2018 Buell Racing» resumed production of motorcycles at the factory in East Troy, Wisconsin, and the first motorcycle off the assembly line on 17 March.

«Liquid Asset Partners» The owner of a new company called «EBR Motorcycles, LLC», and has drawn up a long-term development plan based on financial stability.
At the moment, production is limited to models EBR 1190RX and EBR 1190SX, in which the original company finished production.

“Nothing would have happened without the EBR team.
All praise to them, as they were able to survive last year’s crisis “, – says Bill Melvin, CEO of« Liquid Asset Partners ».
“Everything is now cleared.
EBR able to go to production, since there was a financial stability plan for the next 5-10 years.
Of course, we need new partners, new investments, but it is not critical.
EBR has a solid foundation. “

“I look forward to the launch and press conference,” – said Erik 2018 Buell.
“I have dedicated my entire life to this and I want to prove that our bikes are good.”

EBR In the future promise to talk about their plans for the production of racing.
We will hope, the new company will not allow the old mistakes …

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