Carlos Checa did not win !!!

The first arrival of the last stage of the World Championship Superbike held in Portimao has presented quite a few overtaking beautiful and pleasant experiences.
Start of the first race looked quite predictable and championship leader Carlos Checa started from second position immediately fell back to fifth position having passed forward Jonathan Ray, Guintoli, Mellandri and Laverty. And as a blueprint after the second half of the race Checa began to build up an advantage, ahead of leaders, let the pursuit of Guintoli, who managed to create a good foundation. Over the last three terms of Cheka managed not only to reduce the gap and overtake Guitoli, proving that it is not for nothing was the early champion of the world.
Special attention is given Max Biaggi. Starting from seventeenth place Corsairs managed to get through to the fourth, despite the fact that there was virtually no retirements, with the exception of the forced gathering Laverty, who nearly caught haysad, miraculously avoiding a collision with Dzhonatam Ray.

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