Cafe Racer female hands

Articles about custom bikes and their creators have repeatedly come across stories that have taken place in the customizer child was under the supervision of his father, spending his carefree days in the workshops, where over the years they inoculated craving for customizing, and it does not matter, it was a boy or a girl. This story is about a girl named Sofi (Sofi), whose cafe racer can not be ignored.

Cafe Racer Honda CB 550

All her childhood Sophie rule with his father, who owned a reputable workshop for aircraft maintenance in Addison, Texas, where he kept his motorcycle with the baby daughter. At nineteen Sophie has its first own bike the Ducati, a 26-year-she was able to become the first woman to be awarded to the «Nation Technical Honor Society Award», and became a qualified technician Ducati.

Cafe Racer Honda CB 550

In 2017, her father made another gift. It was an old, rusty places Honda CB 550 2017 year. For many "normal" people, this may seem complete nonsense, but not for Sophie, who already represented exactly what she wants to get with this bike.

Cafe Racer Honda CB 550

She called him Frank: diminutive affectionately of Frankenstein. The front fork and calipers were installed with the GSXR , light and hub of Harley, the fuel tank of the Benelli and the tail, stop and rear seat and a shortened subframe were manufactured in the workshop. Sophie rebuilt engine, assembled a new exhaust system with a tip of the Honda Civic. Stock ignition was replaced by a more reliable Dynatech, while the rear suspension has been made in collaboration with his father's drawings found on one of the thematic forums.

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