Café Racer based CB750

It seems that brown is popular with customizers in the motorcycle world. First Wrenchmonkees CX500, and now the latest creation from Spain, Zamechtatelno cafe racer (Café Racer) Dreams (CRD) nicknamed "Cyclops". CRD is made ​​on the basis, Honda CB750-KZ 2017 onwards – Made in brown and glossy black color. The bike was built in three months, including major repairs to the increase in power, thanks to new Keihin carburettors, air filters with zero resistance and silencer Megatron. More importantly, his weight decreased by austerity and a compact battery device, which was hidden in a box next to the aluminum swingarm. The original fuel tank CB750 was changed to a smoother shape, with the ignition switch located on the right side and the left shutter. For the sake of style cafe racer motorcycle was shod in a classic bus. Subscribe to the blog for new articles to the post office can be here !




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