Bobber German BMW R75 / 6 from the Kingston Customs

Many customizers from various countries are experiencing significant difficulties in building a new custom bikes, unlike their counterparts in the United States and Britain, and whose laws are softer and lighter material for customizing. We have, perhaps, the most basic challenge for the novice customizer question with details that can often only be obtained on request, but should be there or make yourself be, as they say, "turner from God." In Nepal, and Germany customizers faced with the rigid framework of the law, so in Nepal generally prohibited unauthorized modification of motorcycles, and in Germany have to comply with quality standards and all the items when creating custom bikes according to the document with the short name by TÜV, and enthusiasts are in these countries. In Nepal, for example, by the way, our compatriot, built himself a magnificent bobber of Royal Enfield , and in Germany for many years, nevylaziya beyond the set legal limits, work masters from the workshop called Kingston Customs, whose founder is a former motorcycle racer, champion of Germany enduro races in 2017 Dirk Oehlerking.

Bobber BMW R75 / 6 from the Kingston Customs

This   BMW R75 / 6 is the last work of Dirk and his team. When creating custom bikes kastomayzer tried to stick to the old-school style, picking up from the old R75 / 6 motorcycle bobber style. The full picture of the motorcycle design became visible after the installation of the fuel tank from 50 bottoms Yamaha 'Mokick', which added unexpectedly slender look old BMW. It was further shortened front wing and moved back. The stock engine R75 / 6 underwent capital repair was made ​​new exhaust system like Norton, and rear shock absorbers have been replaced by a pair of Sachs Hydro Cross. In keeping with the style of the old bobber, Dirk shortened the front forks on 88mm, the battery is now located near the gearbox mounted with the help of improvised fastenings. Old tires, which was wearing a motorcycle, worn out over the years, and now the newly bobber pereobuli in Metzeler tires (19 "front, 18" rear). It has also made new aluminum controls and footboard.

Bobber BMW R75 / 6 from the Kingston Customs

Perhaps because of restrictions adopted in the German to customizing, Dirk become a reality very interesting ideas and solutions that make it a custom bikes unlike any other, and the bobber BMW R75 / 6, a clear confirmation.

Bobber BMW R75 / 6 from the Kingston Customs

Bobber BMW R75 / 6 from the Kingston Customs Independent Online Edition

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