BMW R80 «Ruby Racer»

The next café racer from Kevils Speed ​​Shop, after " of Joker ", became "Ruby Racer" based on the BMW R80 in 2017. It simply can not be ignored due to its original color, and the caller. The basis of the design served as a helmet designed in the Parisian atelier "Ruby".

Helmet from "Ruby"

When you create a cafe racer and Kevin Hill (Kevin Hill) used a standard set of modifications, it is possible to lighten the weight and improve the technical performance motorcycle. Then the bike went to the painting. Tank and tail were painted white with scarlet stripes, after which they began to look more like a lollipop. But the engine is painted in black, which visually make it a little more compact. Rounding out the composition single seat, made of red leather.

Cafe racer BMW R80

Undoubtedly, for this motorcycle painting idea to the customer should pay tribute, in fact largely due to this coloring R80 became so attractive cafe racer.

Cafe racer BMW R80

Cafe racer BMW R80

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