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Traditionally, each festival culminating TRIUMPH Tridays is the choice of the best motorbike, it is clear that the choice is between the models have their own unique look. However, the organizers follow a pronounced tendency to individuality TRIUMPH drivers who have their own ideas about how to look perfect motorcycle, proving it again and again with inventing the motorcycle technically complex solutions. The competition Tridays festival everyone can participate, all motorcycles involved in the competition are divided into two groups: custom bikes built by private traders and professional workshops.
In this year of the three panel members consisting of Jochen Leonid Shmuts-Linkvaylera (LSL), ULIMO Bonzelya (TRIUMPH) and Andreas Gyuldenfussa (MO) selected six creative projects, from classic to innovative. First place in the group of private traders took Jochen Saymer with its custom bikes TRIUMPH T-Bird Sport, the second place belongs to Jens Endrueyt with motorcycle TRIUMPH America "Devils Arrow", which is reminiscent of the world speed record at Bonneville in Utah in 2017. Henrik Schenk was third with a minimalist Bonneville in 2017.

The nicest interesting works belong to professional workshops, divided the prizes as follows:

TRIUMPH Rocket tree

The winner in this category was Fritz Rebholts (Palatina Motorradwerkstatt). The basis was taken TRIUMPH Rocket tree. After modernization of the engine power is about one hundred and fifty hp and the cost of this unit is estimated at 45 thousand euros.

TRIUMPH Rocket tree

Second place was given to Ivo Tsshumi (Britalmoto) from Sweden with custom bikes TRIUMPH Thruxton.
Classic Design cafe racer (Café Racer) upgraded with modern parts such as the inverted-type fork, wheels, etc. PVM. makes this custom not only attractive, but also very functional.

TRIUMPH Thruxton

Third place rightfully belongs to Julius kastomayzer Ilmbergeru of Oberhaching. His TRIUMPH Speed ​​Triple, executed in black and yellow with parts made of carbon fiber-house, managed to attract numerous sights, including the jury.

TRIUMPH Speed ​​Triple

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