Axial engine «Duke Engines»

Company «Duke Engines» Engineers from New Zealand have developed a new axial motors. Work on its creation was carried out for about a year, they have a similar operating principle, one of the examples in detail shows the operation of the prototype engine. The engine has five cylinders, three fuel injectors and a single valve.
All five pistons just as in the classical internal combustion engine located on the crank, but cranks on the crosspiece with an axial movement, which is rotated by the movement of the pistons, crankshaft while rotating in the opposite direction. Transforming thermal energy into mechanical pistons move through ports which are located in the fuel injector and the spark plug, thus eliminating the need for valves. System of an admission and release very similar to the two-stroke engine.
Axial engine has a number of interesting features:
1Ochen low vibration
2Only three jets and three spark plugs per cylinder five, plus no valves automatically in times reduced the number of items.
3, it may operate on a variety of fuels
4Legche and more compact than traditional internal combustion engines.
The first video shows the principle of operation of the engine as a whole and its separate elements. The second demonstrated a perfect balance with very low vibration. These engines are designed primarily for aviation, but the compactness and low vibration motor can help to find his Applying of a number of areas not related to aviation.

Axial engine «Duke Engines»

Axial engine «Duke Engines» Independent Online Edition

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