Arai produces a replica of a racing helmet Nicky Hayden.

The star of the American Grand Prix Nicky Hayden spoke to the helmet Arai unusual colors at two stages of the championship of the MotoGP US-2017:. Laguna Seca and Indianapolis Helm created a furor and became so popular that the company Arai decided to release a limited edition replica of it.
It is this helmet called Easy Rider helped Hayden avoid serious injuries during an accident in which he fell on the qualification stage in Indianapolis.
The corporate colors Hayden Arai paint the most popular model RX-7 GP.
Here's how to comment on Arai partnership with Nicky Hayden:
"The new RX-7 GP Easy Rider replica Nicky Hayden – it is something completely new and unlike anything! Remember how Peter Fonda played in his famous open helmet ┬╗Stars and Stripes┬╗ Harley on "Captain America." 40 years later StarLine designers transferred this idea into the 21st century – was used for the coloring of the legendary RX-7 GP. The peculiarity of the helmet design is that it shows an unshaven chin, sticking out from under the visor! "
Home sales scheduled for February next year, but we can already make reservations at Arai dealer.

Arai RX-7 GP

Arai RX-7 GP

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