Arai introduced a new helmet model

The exhibition Intermot 2017 in Cologne Japanese brand Arai introduced a new model Arai helmet from The Rebel line of 2017.
The name of the helmet (Rebel, translated from the English. "Rebel") speaks for itself!
New Arai Rebel becomes a reflection of a daring style thanks to the large vent in the chin area. This deflector is designed to direct the flow of wind around the neck and improve the aerodynamic properties of the helmet. An integrated spoiler in the chin area and a new form of the helmet improves the possibility of "cheating" the wind flows. The end result was an aggressive but functional memorable hat style, in which the form is connected to the function.

New Arai Rebel Patriot

The shell represents ScLc structure (Super complex Laminate construction), consisting of a large number of layers of different fibers. Two major new layer are made of special glass, 40% standard superior strength and ability to resist shock.
Arai helmet is equipped with stiffening rib "Hyper Ridge" – a kind of stop, located along the bottom of the helmet in order to minimize the gravity center of the shell and make much more robust.
Vent Dual Intake, located on the front surface of the shell, it is designed for fresh air flows into the helmet as well as for noise reduction.

New Arai Rebel Krypton

Removable roll neck optimizes removal of heated air from the helmet at the lower portion thereof. It can be easily removed for replacement or cleaning. The neck cushion is integrated rear exhaust vent, which provides removal of hot air from the helmet and optimizes aerodynamics.
Side vents creates an area of ​​low pressure to maximize removal of hot air from the helmet. Affect to reduce the level of noise and vibration while driving. Additional noise-absorbing element is a partition of the foam located inside. The large air vents emphasize the hard lines of this stylish new Arai helmet.
On the new helmet mounted visor with protection from UV rays, extended by 5 mm on both sides, made in 3D form, which ensures an optimal view of the road.
The new cover is closed visor mechanism, while ensuring maximum strength helmet and uniform distribution of the impact energy in the fall.
In Russia, the helmet will be available in spring 2017 at 6 different designs and sizes: XS-XXL.

New Arai Rebel Base YELLOW

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