Another spy photos BMW G310GS 2017

Malokubaturny travel enduro BMW G310GS again lit up at the spy photos that made the move on public roads.
New obviously passes final tests and is almost ready for production.

The official premiere will be held at the EICMA Motor Show 2016 in Milan, Italy.

Design BMW G310GS, no doubt inspired by the top model BMW R1200GS, which is quite reasonable – it is important to create a bond with the iconic motorcycle malokubaturnogo bike Bavarian brand.
At the heart of the bike is set 313 cc one-cylinder engine, which is also equipped with Naked the BMW G310R .
The unit produces 34 hp
shaft power and weighs about 160 kg motorcycle with all liquids.

The key to the success of BMW G310GS 2017, of course, will be the public response.
The novelty was likely to find their fans, who are looking for a cheaper and more compact version compared to older models GS-series.

We are waiting for the exhibition EICMA 2016 (beginning of November).

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