Accessories Rizoma for 2017-2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler


In light of the successful line of accessories for the 2017-2018 BMW R nineT 2015 the company introduced advanced Rizoma collection for the new 2017-2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler .

The new collection of accessories: lamp housing with aluminum fasteners, the jumper for the standard steering, front fender, rear fender, LED anti-fog lights with aluminum body, back support, for fastening trunks, additional protection (lamps, arc removable sliders).

Adaptability – always a good feature motorcycles, which are capable of off-road, so the added steps Rizoma Rizoma Rally co removable metal teeth, adjustable shift lever, adjustable brake and clutch levers, as well as a variety of handles.

On the 2017-2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler Rizoma suitable set of components for the standard model 2017-2018 BMW R nineT: engine covers, tank cover and much more.

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