Aaron Colton makes stantbayk 93 Octane

Stantbayki usually made of sportbikes or straights, but now you can include in the list of types of cruisers «Victory Octane».
Aaron Colton is working on a modernization of the Victory Octane (242 kg) to prepare the bike for serious tricks.
Basically, we had already seen on the big speeches stantrayderov motortechnique and even the Honda the Gold Wing , so the surprise is not so simple.

Victory Octane – the new bike in the segment, and it is worthy of attention.
Firstly, the model has a cool design, and secondly, is equipped with 1179 cc V-shaped engine with good characteristics at low speed.

“Why am I doing this?
I rework the bike because I want a bike that explodes the capacity in which I could smash and shred. “- Aaron said.
“I like to work on a project # 93Octane, we use first-class components, change the ergonomics of strontium in the sport.
Once the bike is ready, we will test it on various platforms. “

Aaron Colton has made all of its stantbayki in the workshop «Garage 93″.
The MICEX can see a video about the project.


– Master: Aaron Colton

– Name: 93 Octane

– Donor: Victory Octane 2017

– Engine: Victory 1200

– Frame: Victory, modified

– The sub-frame: custom, work, Rodney Agur

– Kit: carbon

– Exhaust: SC-Project GP-1

– Inlet: Ness Torque Box

– Rear Suspension: Ohlins STX36 Blackline

– Front suspension: Kraus / Ohlins R & T

– Front wheel: RSD Del Mar 17 × 3.5

– Rear wheel: RSD Del Mar 17 × 6.0

– Front tire: Bridgestone R10 120/70/17

– Rear tire: Bridgestone R10 200/55/17

– Front brake: Magura HC3 16 mm / Brembo CNC Radial / 300-mm discs EBC

– Rear brake: Fullthrottle Inc Handbrake / Brembo CNC Radial / 280-mm disc EBC

– Steering wheel: Magura X-Line / risers and traverse Kraus

– Electronics: control unit Bazzaz, kvikshifter Bazzaz

– Controls: Magura HC3 / Hale

– Cables / hoses: HEL / Motion Pro T3

We are waiting for photos, full video!

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