A rotary generator from Clarian Labs

Clarian Labs claims to have developed a compact, hybrid battery solenoid based on the rotary piston, which can generate twice as much energy compared to previous developments that were proposed by former managers at Microsoft. It works on a carbon-neutral fuel, including hydrogen, they can be equipped with power, electric vehicles, and household generators.

Clarian says it has been developing technology in stealth mode for the past two years. The patent application was published last week. The battery was originally developed as a power source for the Ministry of Defence to program a humanoid robot.

Here is how he explains his approach Clarian …

What makes a unique rotary generator – is that it does not have the output shaft, as in a traditional piston engine – generator. The result is a compact, lightweight power source, which is completely self-contained – no bulky generators, flywheels, fan, belts, pulleys or gears. Think of a rotary oscillator as powerful autonomous electromechanical battery, the idea is interesting and certainly deserves the right to life.

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