2018 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S – mini-review of the results of the test-ride cymbal


So, Dyna Low Rider S.

Declare differences between “civil” version – the motor has increased from 103 to 110 cubic meters.
inches (which is 1.8 liters), an electronic throttle actuator, an inlet Screamin ‘Eagle Heavy Breather, Issue 2 1 2, the small fairing quarter fairing, totally nintendo color with gold accents (a reference to the classic CafĂ© Racer Sporty XLCR of ’77 ).

A very important difference – Premium membership suspension components “in a circle.”
Even now I can not understand why there is no “changeling” in front and why he “gave” CVO Breakout, because it is Dinah – our all, club, 81st and “Synovskaya”.

This machine – part of a new series of the S, which, except for Low Rider S, includes more “Fat Man” and Softeyl Slim.
This is the first time a company puts the engine 110 to a non-SVO motorcycles.
Some believe that in this way we have prepared for the fact that 2017 will be the standard motor 110, and the CVO will receive 120ST.
We’ll see, before the announcement of the new model remains long.
Maybe all this chatter and instead we get 110 107 with four valves per cylinder …

Other “Eski” I’m not interested – they Softeyly, which means Twinkie Bae, balance shafts, the power loss.

It’s all the lyrics.
Behind the wheel!

Ignition here without a key, as befits a car 16 and a half years.
Enough to have a keychain in the pocket, click Run switch, and driven.

Immediately I noticed that, as in the CVO, there’s no nasty “butterfly” (throttle malicious Active Exhaust System).
Therefore both the silencing fyrchat simultaneously regardless of the gear and engine speed.
I must say that they fyrchat perfectly.
The only regular mufflers that do not immediately want to replace.
Yes, scare and “push” the car in a traffic jam the infernal roar does not work, but on the move sounds phenomenal – deep voice, and that’s just in moderation loudly.
We put a bold plus.

Where there are catalysts (or catalyst) – in Glushakov or collector – is not yet clear, but bakes leg “Esca” first-class.
Or is it a warm engine (thanks to the environmentalists) himself – will know later, when one of these bikes will get me on the operating table.

Having got to the place to note a surprising agility.
I rode on the 120th Dine, but that’s it “Esca” GOES.
I do not understand where the shoe pinches – apparently, the components are chosen very well.
Always I knew that the Heavy Breather type filters provide a lot of torque, but in this case – yes!
Motorcycle in the standard factory option strangled taaaak rides!

There are no words, already can not wait to get their hands on one of these – that there will be a good firmware, scary thought.

I drove into the village winding road and was able to assess the suspension.
Recently, the company pleases us (on some models) shock absorbers, similar in appearance to the terrible Ohlins (gas-filled, stepless preload, carving on the body of the shock absorbers), and they go well.
According harleyskoy tradition, Showa production.
Front at “Eski” traditional telescopic fork features 49 mm cartridge Premium ride.
On our roads, more similar to a washboard, the machine turns to prescribe very worthy.
The truth is, I wanted to loosen the preload shock absorbers under my weight, it would be even better.
Anyway – respect.
It is not only the best that there is in the “civilian” motorcycle X-D, it’s better that put the plant on the CVO.
I can not wait, when the shock absorbers fit for Turing.

The motor pulls in any gear, but does not tolerate attempts to “draw a blank” – immediately begins ringing, shaking and dying.
Nothing, it’s fixable.
There have been attempts to cough during acceleration (suboptimal ignition), but nothing criminal, “they all do it.”
In any case, as I have said, this is the best regular motorcycle X-D in terms of dynamics.
Does the role that my bike is easier on 67 kg, or “electron gas” here is set sharper directly from the factory, I do not know yet, but the fact – the machine is very provoking, clings to every opportunity to go fast.
By the way, the Company declares for the engine 157 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm.

Doug security on a motorcycle was not, therefore, used the brakes more often than we would like.
There is nothing unexpected.
Brembo “Eske” not inherited, simple 4-piston brakes with ABS – two discs in front and one behind.
Works perfectly adequately, the ABS is activated gently, well, there is nothing to say.
Brakes as brakes.
Unless noted, in comparison with the heavy Touring the wheel a bit, “squeals a little” at the ABS – affects less mass and time to wheel lock for the shortest moment.

Side steps rider here in the middle – midcontrols.
I thought it would be uncomfortable, but the saddle too far shifted me back.
Therefore legs was comfortable, but had a little hands reach.
For short hellish “prohvatit” it just right, but on dalnyak, if anything, should be something to think about.

It should be noted another difference from the standard Low Rider.
“Eska” – a purely SOLO motorcycle.
I am sure that here get up any daynovskoe double seat, and steps safely bolted, simply by purchasing it should be borne in mind.

The bike turns laid predictably, despite the fact that the wheelbase is slightly longer (5 mm) than my King.
Limiting the tilt angles (we remember that the arcs on the test bike was not, but the dent in the tank was already) I have not experienced, and footrests shorknut not happened.
Due to the narrow front wheel, “Esca” more nimble than, say, its mate Fat Bob family.
Unfolding on a narrow road at a time, and it is fine.

Instruments and controls – quite a traditional speedometer information displayed in the window – the same as that of any Dinah with CAS-bus since 2012.
There clock, odometer, two daily mileage, fuel mileage on the balance and speed with the transmission.
Turnover still shows an analog tachometer.
Given that both devices are located on the tank, meaning they do not absolutely.
I confess that prolopushil cruise control, which is in the specifications, did not try it in fact, and did not even notice the lever under the left panel.

(Photo is not mine and Motorcyclist online with the site)

Output will do exactly one.
I have long been amazed not so nice.
I will not buy this Dine, because the bike I already have, versatile, suitable for any occasion.
But for someone who’s just above the second motorcycle, Dyna Low Rider S – an excellent choice.
Obvious shortcomings, but hot due to the lean and catalyst / s motor, I had not noticed.
Still, if you find fault, to the spotlight.
This rapid machine must distant light, but here we have a simple flashlight sportsterovsky diameter of 5 3/4 inches.

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