2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 ACE

The harsh climate poses snowmobile technology complex tasks. With the brilliance of their model is designed to allow 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 Ice . This utilitarian vehicle will allow to carry out the work in all weather conditions and in the most difficult terrain.

Maneuverability snowmobile due to the use of advanced suspension system that includes elements of LTS, PPS-6900-A, as well as shock and MC HPG 25. Front suspension telescopic type LTS ensures maneuvering without snags in forested areas, and PPS-6900 A rear suspension enables you to enjoy a soft ride .

Thanks to a massive caterpillar (600h3968 mm), the vehicle delivers solid flotation even in very deep snowdrifts. This engineering development is the key to a perfect adhesion to wet snow cover and allow to easily tow loads. Due to the solid contact area, greatly reduced the pressure of tourism on the snow sled that allows them to move with incredible ease. To strengthen this effect allow the modernized ski Blade.

Engine Rotax 600 ACE works well and very effectively. This 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 600 cm3 demonstrates stunning efficiency. His aggregate arrangement with the transmission in which the drive pulley of the variator is the technology eDrive 2, makes the vehicle 69 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 600 ACE in as a model tractor and perfect machine for the high-speed races.

Basic equipment of this model is presented for Single modular seat, tow bar, steel sports steering wheel with adjustable hot-top and J-shaped handles, high windscreen, electric starter, a multifunctional Infocentre.

Number of cylinders 2
Displacement 600 cm³
maximum capacity 74
Model Rotax 600 ACE 4-TEC
driving pulley eDrive ™ 2
driven pulley QRS
reverse Mechanical
Dimensions and weight
Length 3250 mm
Width 1070 mm
Height 1425 mm
Fuel tank capacity 45 l
dry weight 311 kg
oil tank Dry sump l
ski Base 900 mm
The height of the lug 32 mm
Chassis and brake
Suspension Front LTS
Suspension Front travel 160 mm
Rear Suspension PPS-6900 A
Suspension rear suspension stroke 340 mm
Suspension Front suspension Shock absorbers MC
Suspension Rear suspension Shock Absorbers HPG 25
ski Type LXU Blade
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2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 ACE

2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 ACE

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