2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600

For the exciting high-speed races has created a unique model 2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600 year. Precision control, engine power, ergonomic design – the key characteristics of the snowmobile. Through Rack Steering System technology guarantees less fatigue pilot during prolonged operation of the vehicle.

Upgraded 2-cylinder Rotax 593 RS (594,4 cm3), a feature of which is the presence of a lightweight crankshaft, provides stable performance throughout the power range. Because the weight of the moving parts of the motor decreased capacity increased an average speed range and the response when exposed to the trigger has become more acute.

The model used an improved suspension system which includes a front element of A-LFS +, the rear element PPS² 3300, as well as the damping device KYB 40 PB HLCR and KYB-46 PB HLCR. Lightweight suspension of chrome-molybdenum alloy allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle, making it more agile and manageable. New caterpillar design with a height of 44 mm lug ensures extremely effective acceleration in a soft trails.

For snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600 manufacturer suggested new performance transmission. The model its constituent elements of steel pulleys of the variator: Lead TRA III light and slave Team TTS-04. For safety during the drive meets the high-tech racing Brembo system.

The vehicle is equipped with an ergonomic saddle, hand electric start as well as an aluminum wheel with curved handles, the special adjustable spacer and heated. This ensures that the driver’s balanced approach and absolute comfort during operation.

Displacement 594.4 cm³
maximum capacity 84
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2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600

2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600

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