2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-TEC

Model 2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-Tec is a great solution if you plan to buy a vehicle for leisurely travel on snow-covered tourist routes. This snowmobile is equipped with a perfectly elaborated powertrain Rotax 600 ACE, whose displacement volume is 600 cm3. The motor, which is 2-cylinder and fuel EFI system is ready to easily give 60 hp The aggregate arrangement with him is a continuously variable transmission, rebuilt on the basis of 2 eDrive technology.

The combination of engine type 4-TEC with eDrive drivetrain 2 provides a perfect build-up of torque, which ensures incredibly pleasant feelings during the trip. Smooth running, agility and refined handling causes the REV-XP chassis. suspension system is characterized by balance. As a manufacturer of front element proposed dual A-arm. Rear mounted well-proven SC-5 components with predefined adjustments MC / HPG rear shock absorbers. The front ski controlled damper MC high pressure.

Ergonomics design of this vehicle should be recognized as excellent. It is equipped with a 2-seater seat with backrest and special handles for the passenger. In order to create extra comfort seat backrest can be adjusted for single and paired traveling. A heated steering wheel, electric starter and analog information center with lots of features and digital monitor ensures exceptional driving comfort. Due to the high glass Model 2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-TEC provides excellent protection from the wind.

Displacement 600 cm³
maximum capacity 60
release Home

2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-TEC

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