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While one was to be an anniversary edition of their flagship Panigale, the other was shrouded in mystery, and Ducati insisted that the only people to see the new bike would be those in attendance at Misano – which topped an impressive 81,000 attendees over the three days.

Ducati have been revealing bikes at WDW since 2014 when the firm hid their worst kept secret, the Scrambler, in a private viewing area and allowed showgoers into the private enclave to feast their eyes on it well ahead of its official unveiling.

Unfortunately for Ducati, someone always manages to sneak a camera in, unmasking the private treat to the whole world. It happened with the Scrambler, and it happened again at the weekend with the new SuperSport.

Two useful images have emerged, and while no-one seems sure who took the photographs, they have now been shared on forums and websites all over the world.

From these images, and our own viewing of the bike, we commissioned the computer-generated image of the full bike you see here.

Project 1312, as the SuperSport is currently known (the thirteenth project bike started in 2012), is more likely to be called the 939 SuperSport and 939 SuperSport S when the two models arrive in UK Ducati dealers next year.

Ducati have confirmed that there will be two models at the launch, the SuperSport, and SuperSport S. While this is interesting in itself, the next obvious question has to be whether the range will then expand in capacity in bothdirections. The firm use the 821 engine in the Monster (on which the chassis architecture of the SS is based), and of course there’s also a 1200 in use.

Visually the wheels appear near-identical to the standard 1299Panigale, with three Y-shaped spokes on the front and single-sided swingarm. The bike in the box was fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIrubber, which seems likely to be the production choice, as they fit the bike’s design brief. The front is a 120/70 ZR17, the rear a 180/60 ZR17.

The bike shown at WDW was theSuperSport S, which boasts aspangly array of hlins front and rear. Neither end features anyelectronic assistance, in line with the bike’s ethos as an uncomplicated, road-focused sportsbike. Thestandard model won’t get hlins, but will still be fully adjustable, and is likely to be Sachs – as used on Ducati’s Monster 821 Stripe.

The engine is based on theHypermotard 939’s Testastretta 11 liquid-cooled L-twin. Actually 937cc, the engine has been heavily modified – Ducati say 80% has changed – to make is suitable for the new SuperSport, and it will develop around 110bhp. There’s no word yet on any other engines being considered to form a range, butprevious SuperSport families have included engines from 400cc to 1000cc.

The front set-up looks tocomprise two 320mm semi-floating discs, gripped byradial Brembo M4.32monoblock four-pistoncalipers, activated by a radial pump with the required ABS as standard. We can’t see the rear set-up, but it’s most likely to be a 245 mm disc, with a twin-piston caliper and ABS. It seems highly likely for a road-focused sportsbike that the brakes will be identical between the two models.

Every new bike from 2017 onwards is required to have ABS, but the SuperSport goes much further withits rider aids. The twomodels will benefit from three modes – Sport, Touring and Urban – which will be linked to Ducati’s eight-level traction control. While this is intended as a pure road sportsbike, this level of rider modes and electronic assists now appears to be theexpected minimumstandard.

There’s no hiding the SuperSport’s visual referencing of the Panigale family – but Quattrino was keen to stress that this isn’t part of the Panigale range. This is nothing new – the similarities are redolent of the Supersport family of the late-80s/early-90s, when the SS range strongly mimicked the 851/888 superbikes, but offered a much cheaper, more relaxed and lower-powered riding experience.

2017 ducati 

2017 ducati

2017 ducati 


Ducati have a habit of giving the hordes of Ducatisti who make the pilgrimage to Misano for World Ducati Week a bit of an extra treat. It started in 2014 when the firm hid the Scrambler in a shipping crate and allowed batches of showgoers into the private enclave to feast their eyes on it, well ahead of its official unveil.

Unfortunately for Ducati, and despite their best efforts to try to confiscate them, someone always manages to sneak a camera in, unmasking the private treat to the whole world.

And yes, it’s happened again.

No-one seems sure from whom the leaked image originated, but it’s appeared on several forums and websites globally.

Ducati’s latest WDW treat is codenamed Project 1312 (the thirteenth project bike started in 2012), but we believe it’s more likely to be called the 939 Supersport S when it arrives in UK Ducati dealers in mid-2017.

So what do we know about Project 1312 – the new Ducati Supersport S?
MCN’s Andy Davidson

is at World Ducati Week, and managed to get a couple of sessions inside the private viewing area today, and then secured a world exclusive interview with Project 1312 Product Manager, PaoloQuattrino, who confirmed the new Supersport is much more than a concept, and will arrive in 2017.

Quattrino revealed: “The engine is tuned to be really, really smooth because it’s a sportsbike with road focused performance.

“The bike is brand new, it’s just the frame that comes from XDiavel and Monster trellis frame. There are some components used on other bikes but otherwise it’s a completely new bike.

“The Supersport is not an entry-level sportsbike. That would be a bike for beginners, this is not that. This is a sportsbike designed for the road.

“There will be two models, the Supersport and the Supersport S. The main difference is that the S has hlins suspension front and rear, and a removable rear seat cowl.

“The dash is completely new with new functionality, and is ready for the Ducati multimedia system, the same as on Multistrada. The headlamp shape is completely new, the shape was inspired by Panigale but the headlamp has daytime running lights. The exhaust is new as well as the complete fairing.

“This bike is for customers who desire a sportsbike with versatility and with road focus performance. It is for riders who don’t want a bike for trackdays so this is a bike that is sporty and at the same time comfortable in terms of seating position. It is not in the Panigale family.

“In terms of performance and price performance it is a step behind the 959 Panigale, but it is a completely different family, the only link between the two is sportiness.

“We made this because we wanted to target the customer who loves sportsbikes and wants street legal performance of one. This is designed for the road. It is still truly a sportsbike but for the road. We investigated the market and saw very interesting potential for thesetypes of customers.

“The displacement is the same as the Hypermotard 939, but the problem is we applied mechanical modification and electronic tuning of the engine and even the attachment of the engine to the frame is different. With this frame, the engine is a stressed element. So it is 939 displacement, but not really the same engine, because 80% of it is new.

“The start price will be between 10,000 and 10,800 (12-13,000 Euros) for the Supersport, for the S model I cannot say.”

The new Supersport is also certain to boast ABS, three rider modes:sport, touring and urban – each linked to the8-level traction control, Diablo Rosso II tyres and the requisite (but missing on the 959 Panigale) single-sided swingarm. Both models will have fully adjustable suspension.

Expect a full unveil at the Milan show this Autumn, and for the Supersport to arrive in Ducati dealers in late Spring/early Summer 2017.

For more on the new Ducati Supersport, see this Wednesday’s MCN – on July 6.
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2017 ducati
Earlier this month, held in Cologne on motovystavke company

introduced an updated line of models in 2017, and have been publicly presented and Multistrada 2017 Panigale RS13. On the exhibition were shown and the model Ducati Monster 2017 the EVO, 796 and 696, updated in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the first release of Monster.

Ducati Multistrada 2017

In 2017 the family Ducati Multistrada models happen to replenish and added another model presented at the exhibition called Granturismo. The new Multistrada is now equipped with the innovative semi-active suspension «Skyhook».

Ducati Superbike 2017

The exhibition shows the long-awaited 2017 Panigale RS13, which is already available for teams to prepare for the new series of Superbike 2017. For the rest of the Ducati fans who is not a professional racer, the company offers a version of the 2017 Panigale and 2017 Panigale S in the, so called, arctic white color. 848 EVO is now available in the traditional red and dark gray. With the new aluminum fuel tank Ducati 848 EVO Corse Special Edition is now available in the livery of the test team Ducati Corse.

Ducati Monster 2017

In honor of the release of twenty Ducati Monster, the company introduced the model 696, 796, and 2017 EVO, painted in the same livery as in 2017. And as the returned model EVO 2017 diesel in standard matt green color.

Ducati Diavel 2017

Introduced in 2017 Ducati Diavel became one of the most popular Ducati models. Carbon version in 2017 will be available in one color with a matte carbon marked on red glossy elements. The standard version of the Diavel will be painted in matt black; red or blue paint, coated with a fuel tank and motorcycle tail white stripes and white disks.

Ducati Streetfighter 2017 All photos in the size of 2017 x 2017 px

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