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Switzerland is famous for its watchmakers and the cheese factory, but the country has another reason to boast of its craftsmen. This custom built, as you may have guessed in a Swiss studio Fat Attack AG and fully complies with all standards requirements for vehicles with an internal combustion engine in Europe. The name «The ONE» by the creators of the words could not be accurately reflects the essence of the motorcycle, which in addition to the appearance of bullying has also high "performance" and over reliability.

Harley-Davidson «The ONE»

During the construction of the custom bikes were used by most high-tech materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum and aircraft alloys, resulting in a weight of the motorcycle has been reduced to 60 (!!!) kg. The engine used on the motorcycle was taken from Harley-Davidson (of which model is not exactly specified), as well as there is no information about other parts used in the construction of the bike. It is known that with little intervention could increase the engine power to 110 hp

Harley-Davidson «» The ONE »»

The company assured that the bike is completely adapted to everyday use and can be served in any official dealer center of Harley-Davidson. If you have the desire to become the happy owner, then for that you have to shell out a tidy sum in the amount of $ 145,000.

Harley-Davidson «The ONE»

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